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So it all began ...

Born the first company in the world of exclusive online sales Cherimoya It could not be in another area on the Costa Tropical of Granada, TeleChirimoya born with the exclusiveness of being the first online store that has the exclusive marketing principle more tropical fruit of southern Europe, the Cherimoya. Cherimoya cherimoya and only three varieties of marketing in case of 6 units, 12 units and customized product.

After an initial study to determine the potential of the product, the company has decided to provide the added value of using a natural fruit in any table in the Iberian Peninsula between 2 and 3 days after collection of the tree, minimizing subsequent times current consumption.

"The idea came everyday, verify and analyze what customers want and find the best way to offer it. There are many people who come on the road, particularly in the areas of Madrid and Bilbao and seeing cherimoyas wonder if they are exported from a country and tell them to grow up in this area do not believe it, but it really is amazing is that you get more out of a fruit like this, considering that the production focuses on a small area of the Costa Tropical".

This has been the basis for putting into operation Telechirimoya.com as Laura Bustos said generating initiative, a service similar to buying seafood or other perishable product through internet or phone, where individuals and restaurants , can benefit from the quality and freshness. This is analyzing the parcel delivery services in cold time between sending and receiving the most suitable packaging for the product to arrive in perfect condition and everything for anyone who wants to savor the delicious cherimoya what Costa Tropical can do in less than 24 hours and with all guarantees to be a certified with all current regulations.

The commitment is that the Spanish TeleChirimoya of Cantabria, Galicia and Barcelona can enjoy, enjoy a dessert that is originally from Peru and has been cultivated in the Costa Tropical for nearly two centuries, Spain is the leading producer of cherimoya with 80% of the total. The explanation that the cherimoya in Costa Tropical with its production in Europe has only one secret, its subtropical climate that resembles that of their home. "The cherimoya is a sweet fruit flavor that is very popular, not only as a result, but as a component of cakes, ice cream and recipes that are sweet as one of its main ingredients," TeleChirimoya take charge through its website not only to market the product, but to enhance the knowledge about it, culinary uses and characteristics of this. After the first tests of packaging, shipping and receiving times, Telechirimoya.com fully ready to operate in mid-October and flood the entire Iberian Peninsula from the exclusive product of the Costa Tropical, cherimoya.